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Summary -

COSMOS (Characterising the impact of Oxidative Stress & Mitochondrial function on Outcomes following major Surgery) is an observational study looking into the how our bodies react to the process of surgery.

We will investigate the metabolic responses during surgery. In particular, we are studying mitochondrial function, the energy house of our cells, using muscle biopsies from the perioperative period and measuring mitochondrial metabolism with a technique called high resolution respirometry. We will also measure oxidative stress, from perioperative blood samples, where we will assess the degree of molecular damage caused by the release of reactive oxygen species.

Other elements of the study include a pre-operative cardiopulmonary exercise test, along with data collection from the intra-operative phase and post-operative recovery. This will help us to develop a further understanding of why some patients make a better recovery after surgery than others.

Principal Investigator - Dr Daniel Martin

Team - Dr Jia Liu Stevens (Lead Investigator), Dr Gavin Jell, Helder Filipe, Christine Eastgate, Margaret O’Neil, David Bruce


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